VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia’s Hair Salon Playset Review & Video

You may remember when we did our first review of VIP Pets dolls with super long hair. This time we are reviewing the VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia’s Hair Salon Playset.

The VIP Pets are the most fashionable pets with super long hair! The VIP Pets love to visit Fabio and Fabia’s salon and have their hair styled in different ways, but they need help to create exciting hairstyles to give them the confidence to get through every situation! So this time our lovely VIP Pet sits on the salon chair to get a makeover.

Fabio & Fabia’s Hair salon is the most loved place in the VIP Pets series and now it’s a playset. This is where our friends the VIP Pets go to get their fantastic super long hair done! The playset comes with exclusive VIP Pet Kiara. Start by washing their hair with real water. Next you can sit your VP in the styling chair and comb her hair. You can use the rainbow comb to colour her hair and your own! Use the glitterizer to add the perfect final touch to your VP’s hair, you’ll feel like you’re part of the series! There are more than 13 accessories for yours and the VP’s hair. When you’re done, you can store the accessories in the handy drawer. Feel like a real hairdresser! Girls favourite part was to wash Kiara’s hair.

We really did not know what to expect, because some reviewers mentioned that they did not like it and it didnt work so well as described in the ads, but our opinion is that we absolutely love it. Colours, quality, setting up and everything was super easy and both Elizabeth & Eva enjoyed playing with it. As always, we also managed to make a YouTube video about VIP Pets Fabio & Fabia’s Hair Salon Playset with Fabio & Fabia and we really hope that you like it 🙂

The only downside to the playset was the cardboard back which got wet while girls were washing Kiara’s hair. I would love to see exactly same one but in plastic so kids can re use it all the time they want to play with the set.

Parents and children can continue to join in with the VIP Pets’ adventures exploring Fabio & Fabia’s hair salon with brand new episodes and digital videos on the official Kitoons YouTube channel. We love watching the series and hope that you will love it too! The VIP Pets series features storylines of friendship, hairstyles, fashion and the importance of being yourself.

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Have you ever brought any VIP Pets dolls, what are your opinions on them? we would love to hear from you!

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