What happens if you continue to drive worn out tyres?

pexels photo 3399938 - What happens if you continue to drive worn out tyres?
What happens if you continue to drive worn out tyres?
With time, our vehicle goes through depreciation – there is no denying in that. Car tyres get depreciated with time too and if you neglect this aspect, it is going to pose road safety challenges. Worn out tyres are extremely dangerous and the wear and tear, makes them a risky choice. Before the new year arrives, you should think about quitting on your bad tyres and get new ones, according to your vehicle’s condition and your driving preferences.
Let’s take a look at how worn out tyres can be really bad for you:
– Hydroplaning
If the tread depth is below the required level, your tyres will skate on the top – when the roads are wet. This can be an issue because this can trigger your car to go out of control.
– Reduced handling ability
In case of emergency brakes, your tyres can burst out because the surface would already be damaged because of the wear and tear in wheels. Same thing can happen if you are driving at a high speed.
– Tyre blowouts
With worn out tyres, you can expect a flat tyre anytime. Let’s picture this: you are in Scotland, somewhere in Dundee and you end up stranded on the road because of a tyre blowout – how problematic that will be. A good advice is to get new car tyres from a renowned brand. If you are thinking about getting new ones, you can book your tyres in Dundee from Fife Autocentre.
– Tyre pressure

The pressure will never be adequate in your tyres if their condition has worsened. This can lead to issues like over inflation or under inflation. Investing in new tyres is a good way to be safe from road havocs.

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