Lockdown Date Ideas For Gamer Couples

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If you are into the gaming, then having a gaming date is a great idea. It does not matter if you live with your partner or if you are in long distance relationship, if you like playing games, this can be a really cool date idea. When I think about my relationship years ago, if we had a lockdown then, this would be amazing idea for us too, but now that I have three little ones, playing games looks a bit impossible for me, but I really love the idea.

I think that playing video games with your favourite person is another way of finding out if they can be a team player or not. You can even test their strategy skills as well as the time management. If you are on a whole different level of gaming, there is even a gamers dates which will help you find your date according to your requirements:))

Although we used to enjoy different types of games at different times, the fact remained that gaming was and is a big part of both of our lives. In fact, I loved watching him playing Red Dead Redemption 2 because I just love that game!!!

So one of my first tips would be: If you live together, or have formed a bubble during the pandemic, get cosy, light a few candles and settle in for a two player gaming session. If you aren’t together in person, there’s no reason why you can’t feel close – just don a headset and make a night of it.

You can try  Co-Op Games: Feel closer together with a co-operative two player game such as A Way Out on the PS4. Jokingly referred to as the gamer’s equivalent to marriage counselling, the game encourages you to work together to escape a maximum security prison, as a team. The perfect alternative date night activity! You can then discuss what mistakes each of you made and how you would fix them after the game:))

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You can also consider doing an escape room, I’d love to pluck up the courage to do an escape room. It’s a great idea for a super fun and different type of date idea to do as a couple! Especially a gaming couple who I can imagine could get very competitive with each other! Guess what, even have a reward for who figures it out first!

And finally, if you want to still be competitive but don’t fancy playing online, then taking out the old fashioned board games or even the card games is a great alternative for date night! I love a board and card games and sometimes it’s nice to get away from screens and do something a little different. But I would still urge to check out the dating site for gamers

But, please don’t forget that if you don’t balance your gaming life and your personal life, this can lead to your partner feeling neglected in the relationship. Instead work out a schedule where you can make time for both gaming and your partner in your life.

Are you a gaming couple? What are your tips and new ideas for gaming couples? I would love to read your comments:))

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