10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity

Lockdowns have now become a new way of living for us. Staying at home is is something that many people find very difficult. Even for those of us who were mostly at home with kids before the lockdown find it strange that this lasted for too long. It is important to find the ways to keep yourself and your kids busy while staying home. Keeping kids engaged and entertained at home during lockdown is not easy – staying creative might be the answer.

So let’s get creative now, I have put together a list of 10 lockdown activities to inspire creativity for us and the kids:

1. Learn to play an instrument 

We were so lucky to get piano for my daughters just before the lockdown. Playing an instrument requires the brain to work at advanced speeds. … Those who play instruments have improved hand eye coordination over those who do not. Learning to play an instrument can help kids grow socially and academically. Learning to play piano teaches the benefits of hard work and persistence. Elizabeth has been very interested in Piano and she loves learning to play. One of my friends who is a pianist, usually helps her over video calls and sends us some notes so she can practice at home. We plan to take our piano lessons on the next level once the lockdown is over. Not only for kids, but I also try to learn how to play. I used to take some lessons as a kid, so when I can I try to remind myself and learn more how to play the piano.

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2. Take up photography

I always wanted to improve my photography skills. During the lockdown I had lots of free time to improve my skills. I finally took my Canon camera out, which I only used to make YouTube videos before. I knew it made perfect photos, but never actually had time to test it properly. I would suggest that going through the manual and applying to practice what you read, is the key. I am definitely not a professional, but I already notice my photography improving.

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3. Learn to cook

Cooking is something I have never been good at. My mum is a very good cook so she is the boss in the kitchen, but she had to travel just before the last lockdown and she could not come back to the UK for 6 weeks. So I had no other choice but to try and cool not only for kids but for adults too. The results were not too bad :)) Cooking is an art and once you start you cant stop. I am honestly addicted now. These days we even bake some cupcakes with kids and we all love it. The process is very enjoyable and the kids will have a great time.

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4. Start a Blog

Starting a blog is something that will definitely take up lots of your free time. Whether you want to improve your writing ability, build an online brand or inspire people, this is your chance now. There are lots of free resources too to help you get started.

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5. Master Typography

A graphic designer uses typography and its principles to arrange text in a visually appealing way. Typography is about the techniques of using typefaces and fonts artfully. There are some really beautiful and interesting font freebies online which I love to use. If you are a blogger, you will especially need to play around these fonts. I love designing my pins and already have my favourite fonts which I plan to introduce to my website. All these fonts are free for download, you just need to sign up to the page.

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6. Learn a new language

Remember all those times you said you’d learn Italian, Spanish or French but just couldn’t find a spare minute? Here’s your chance. With a wide selection of YouTube videos and online tutorials at your disposal, why not use this time to learn a completely new language.

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7. Learn sign language

As someone who is considered to be fairly multi-lingual, I’d like to think that I understand the process and the benefits that comes with learning languages. But learning a sign language is totally different experience and this is something I would still love to try. It is believed that learning sign language can help Give your brain a work-out, improve your memory, make new friends, introduce you to a new culture & community and boosts your communication skills and much more.

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8. Do some gardening

Gardening is something that I could not pay attention to before. Gardening builds strength, promotes sleep, and helps you maintain a healthy weight. Also, who does not want to have a beautiful garden?

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9. Do some workout

Gyms are closed during the lockdown, but this does not mean that we stop exercising. The way I do it is I also involve my kids so they actually let me do my workouts:)) I play my favourite YouTuber’s videos and they try to exercise with me. Working out doesn’t just help you keep fit, it can also help you stay sane and even benefit your brain.

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10. Do some cleaning

If you are obsessed with cleaning as I am, this is your time to declutter and make everything shine. You have plenty of time, so start slowly. You can start with bedroom, bathroom, windows or whatever you feel like needs the most attention in your home. You don’t have to clean the whole house in one day, start room by room. Everyone hates to clean but everyone loves a clean house so try to look at it in a more creative way, this can be your workout too mentioned in the previous point :))

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We may all be truly fed up on staying indoors as we navigate our third national lockdown but the good news is that we’re on the home straight and over the past year. So for most of us it has become something new normal. There are plenty things we can do at home, during the pandemic, depending on your personality, so please do not be sad. This lockdown will soon be over and let’s hope that the situation gets much better in the world we live in.

Stay safe!

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