10 things that change when you become a mum

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I could not understand why everyone was telling me that my life would change after becoming a mum. I remember when I shared my pregnancy news with one of my colleagues, she said ”but are you ready? your life will change forever”. I could not wait for these changes. I was so ready that I thought I would move the mountains only if I could become a mum. I really did not care about the sleepless nights or having less money and more responsibilities. I just wanted to see my child come into this world. Whether there are 10 things that change when you become a mum or hundreds of things, you

No matter what people around you tells you, until you experience being a mum yourself, you can only imagine how your life is going to change. The moment I held my daughter into my arms, I did not remember my life before.

Here are the 10 things that change when you become a mum:

  • You discover an inner strength you never realised you had.
  • You respect and love your own parents in a new way.
  • You don’t mind going to bed at 9pm on a Friday night.
  • You discover how much there is to say about one little baby tooth.
  • You learn that taking a shower is a luxury, never mind a trip to the hairdresser’s or a nail saloon.
  • You find that things that once seemed important are now meaningless.
  • Every day is a new surprise.
  • Your time isn’t your own anymore.
  • You respect your body and take care of it more now.
  • Who you are.

Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t feel like you’re getting it right all the time. No-one is – whatever they say. Becoming a new parent is a rollercoaster and there are bound to be days when you feel loved up with your baby beyond belief and others when you wonder what you’ve done. Your baby isn’t judging you so relax and take each day as it comes.


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