The Best Wedding Photo Sharing App

The Best Wedding Photo Sharing App

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Wedding photography is important because it will capture your day, it will capture your memories, it will tell a story, and not just any story, it will tell a beautiful story of your special day, a day you will never forget in your life. Wedding photography is a very personal thing. You are not just looking for someone to take ‘snaps’ on your day, but someone to create your memories. Your wedding photography should be as unique as you are.

There are many photos your wedding album is incomplete without, for example cutting the cake, the first dance, and bridal portraits. You might have hired the best photographer in town and even paid lots of money for this service, but often you will find great snaps from your friends mobile phones that photographer was not able or did not have time to capture. Usually those moments are super important too, because they will show and remind you of the funniest parts of your wedding. Even photos from the angles you would not have thought to be captured on camera.

I want to share something super cool with you. No, it is not expensive and you wont need to invest fortune in it. Have you ever heard of the wedding photo sharingI bet you have not. So imagine this: when you invite guests for your wedding, and see them all taking pictures of you and your loved ones together on this beautiful day, do you go and ask everyone one by one to send you those snaps?

Relive your wedding from all your guests of points of views. During your wedding, the app feed comes to life with photos and comments by family and friends in a beautiful visual timeline. All the photos uploaded to Wedding Photo Swap are saved in high resolution so when you have collected all the photos from your wedding you can simply choose to download them all or order beautiful prints of your wedding. This will give you more creative photo options, more memories and moments you might not have noticed on this beautiful day.

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The app is very easy to use and manage too. What you can do is create your own personalised space for your guests to add photos. You can add an unlimited number of albums for each part of your wedding, you could even try out the app for your hen or stag do! After that, using our guest manager you can invite guests by email before your wedding (through the app or website), or you can print cards pre-filled with your guest access details to add to your invites. These can be sent to the guests with the wedding invitations, or you could have them available at the event – for example on your tables.

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Every emotional wedding moment you’ll want to capture you will have it captured without even thinking about it with the Wedding Photo Swap app.

More than anything, it is important to remember that you can literally do anything that you want. You are in control of your wedding and your dress.


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