Red Lipstick History & My Favourite Red Lips

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The evolution of red lipstick

Red lipstick can suggest many things. And this modern beauty staple has actually been around for over 5000 years. Early civilisations crushed some unusual ingredients to make lipsticks. In ancient Egypt coloured lips were symbols for both men and women. But ancient Greek laws required prostitutes to wear a red lipstick in public, since men would not confuse them with high status women. In Asia, Chinese has created some of the first lipgloss and the RED was the most dominent colour.

Fast forward few hundred years ago, red lips still had a bed reputation in Europe. In England, lipsticks was seen to mark its wearer as an incarnation of the devil. But Britain’s queen Elizabeth I loved the colour and red lips were popularised during her reign. She believed it had healing and protective properties. Although we now know that the opposite was true. Many lip colours were made from toxic substances. Later, opinions in Britain changed again. Queen Victoria deemed the red lip colour to be impolite. Though some women still applied it in secret. Around the same time in France, a full face of make up, including lip rouge, was actually de rigueur for women of good standing. red lipstick suffragettes 12 - Red Lipstick History & My Favourite Red Lips

And in 1900’s the suffragette movement reclaimed red lips in rebellion, wearing it on marches. During World War II, the Allies adopted a red lipstick as a patriotic symbol. Particularly as Hitler hated it. Postwar, red lips found fame in Hollywood, becoming the signature of stars from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor. But the look also has a history of being progressive and transgressive, punctuating many pop-culture moments.

Today, despite many beauty products and trends being more varied than ever before, red lipstick, in its myriad shades, is still charged with meaning and a way to make a statement, whatever that may be. red lipstick suffragettes 13 - Red Lipstick History & My Favourite Red Lips

I have always loved the red lipstick and have quite a lot of them in my beauty collection. There are so many types of red lips out there in the beauty market, but one of my very favourite ones is this Revolution PRO Lipstick Collection which is a collection of 5 matt lipsticks. This is a very affordable, type of economy pack which allows you to easily carry them with you in a bag and apply whichever you like the most, depending on your mood/looks. 

I have to say that I was really surprised by the whole lipstick in general. The first thing I noticed when I applied each of them, was definitely the texture of the lipstick. It was so creamy and soft to touch and felt  very moisturising on my lips, bear in mind that my lips gets very dry in a short period of time, but this helped them to stay moisturised. I have also noticed how amazing the colour pay off was. When it comes to the wear test I would say the lipstick lasted a good 4-5 hours. And even then I did have a stain left on my lips so they weren’t completely washed-off. This really impressed me as the whole time I was wearing the Revolution PRO Lipstick Collection to any red lipstick lovers.

Red lipstick is a classic you should absolutely have in your beauty stash! Pair it with any elegant or casual outfit, and your lips will always look sexy and sensual.

What is your favourite red lipstick?

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