My nose has always been an issue for me. Since I grew up, I always wanted to do the surgery on it, but I was too scared. I always dreamed of having a procedure without surgery. I did not even know that NON-SURGICAL NOSE JOB (3-POINT RHINOPlASTY) even existed until I watched Lydia Elise Millen’s YouTube video. Since then, I started following this industry to see how risky or effective the 3-point rhino procedure could be.

Long story short, I finally decided to do the 3 point rhino procedure and visited Dr. Ayad Harb at his Bicester clinic.

Dr Ayad Harb is a Plastic & Aesthetic Surgeon, specialising in facial plastic surgery, body contouring and all nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, particularly his signature 3-Point Rhino, nonsurgical nose correction. Dr Ayad is a world authority in nonsurgical nose correction and is also heavily involved in training, being an international Key Opinion Leader and trainer in facial aesthetics. Dr Ayad is the medical director and principal surgeon at Dr Ayad Clinics. Dr Ayad is surgical lead at the Aesthetic Intelligence training academy and Scar Clinics.

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Dr Ayad specialises in pioneering nonsurgical aesthetics and minimally-invasive surgical treatments for face and body.

Many people are dissatisfied or insecure about the shape or size of their noses. In the past, the only realistic solution for nose reshaping was extensive, expensive and risky surgery. Dr Ayad has developed a unique non surgical nose job technique, the 3 Point Rhino which utilises a special mixture of different dermal fillers to deliver beautiful results that last.

During my visit at Dr. Ayad Harb Bicester clinic, I was welcomed by Sarah and Rebecca, who are amazing ladies and as Dr. Ayad described them they are the heart of clinic. We had a nice coffee chat and went through some of the procedures offered at the clinic. When it was my turn to see Dr. Ayad, I was really nervous but I knew I could 100% trust him and meeting him in person just reassured me of this even more.

3-point rhinopasty is an extremely versatile treatment that can treat a wide array of patients, using nose filler. The 3 Point Rhino is the leading non surgical nose job in London. Performing an incredible 2,000 treatments per year, with patients from all around the world, Dr Ayad is the world leader when it comes to the non surgical nose job. Dr Ayad performs The 3 Point Rhino by injecting dermal filler gel, in a rationalised and systematic manner, correcting the most common complaints about the nose: Bumps, Deviations, Scars after surgery.

The 3-Point Rhino procedure can create a smooth and straight side profile, reduce dorsal humps and bumps and lift the tip of the nose. It can also help with asymmetry or deviation of the nose from the frontal view. Dr Ayad also uses his nose filler technique to treat complex noses, often treating scarring and problems resulting from surgical nose jobs (rhinoplasty).


Procedure is not painful at all. Dr Ayad applied an anaesthetic cream and I did not feel anything. My eyes got watery a little bit when he was injecting the filler on the tip of my nose, but nothing else. The most amazing thing about this procedure is that you see the results straight away, you don’t feel any pain and most importantly you feel so secure about yourself. I can not stop looking at my nose now. Remember, if you are not happy with the results, you can always get the filler dissolved, but as Dr. Ayad mentioned in the video, he never had to do it, he is such a great professional that he does his job perfectly!

Here is a video we filmed during the procedure, I hope you like it and don’t forget to like & subscribe.

In this video, Dr. Ayad Harb has answered the most important questions about 3 point rhinoplasty and also covered all other treatments that are offered at his clinic.

All I can say now is that, if you are not happy with your nose, you are thinking about surgery and you are scared to go for it, then 3-point rhino is the procedure for you. I can not believe I have not done it earlier in life. I cant recommend Dr. Ayad Harb services more. Thanks for reading!

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