How To Prepare Your Children For Loss

How To Prepare Your Children For Loss

Losing lives is a natural part of life. It is an emotionally challenging time, which all parents should prepare their children for. Although you might not want your children feeling the emotions, it is important to help them understand the situation. They will figure it out one day and preparation will help them acknowledge what loss is and how to deal with it. If you are looking for effective and caring ways to prepare your children for loss, here’s more. 

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Tell them what’s involved

Your child will likely not understand or know what is involved with a funeral if they have never been to one. Thus, letting them know what will happen will allow them to be prepared. 


For instance, letting them know that a funeral involves funeral flowers, coffins, a church, and a family gathering will let them prepare ahead of time. When they know what to expect, they will not be surprised and hit with a tonne of shock and emotions. 


Tell them before anyone else does

Telling your children bad news is a common challenge of parenthood. However, it is better for the bad news to come from you rather than a friend. You will have their best interests at heart and be able to tell them in the right way. 


Therefore, when something happens and a family member passes away, you should tell your children as soon as possible. The last thing you want is for them to find out from someone else. Your children might lose trust in you and also not understand how to deal with the emotions if it is the first time.



If your child is emotional in normal circumstances, then it can help to get them counselling to help them deal with their emotions when a family member does pass away. 


Counselling will help your child make sense of their feelings and know how to combat or deal with certain emotions when they arise. 


Use clear language

When it comes to telling your children about loss, it is best to use clear language. Instead of trying to hide certain things, you need to say it how it is so that they can understand clearly. 


Using simple words will help them understand what you mean and will reduce confusion. 


Use books or other creative means

If your children are young but you want to prepare them for a loss, then you could use creative means. Books, music, or films may help them understand the process and what is involved. 


Although the message may not be as clear as telling them straight, they will start to understand what loss is. It will also prepare them for what it might feel like. You could encourage them to talk with their friends about it so that the situation feels normal and then they can understand it happens to everyone. 


Although loss is a hard subject to talk about with children, it will help them prepare for the situation. They will be able to know what to expect and acknowledge how to deal with their emotions.

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