Plan For The Inevitable

It is the one thing nobody wants to think or talk about, death. You live your life from day to day but have you ever given much thought to what happens next? Unfortunately, we are not immortal. 


We live our lives, and when it is our time, we pass on to whatever comes next. However, there are still some very precious people left behind.

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Be it your parents, siblings, spouse, or even your children, they can not go with you. They have to stay on earth and continue your legacy.


While the thought of death is highly daunting, depressing, and overwhelming, there are several things you can get in place today to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of when the day comes for you to pass on.


Essential things to do before you pass on:


  1. Write a Will

Drafting a will enables you to plan for what will happen to your property and money after your death. It is a legally binding document where you will have the freedom to decide and stipulate who, what and how much each of your beneficiaries will get.


To make it tremendously more manageable for yourself and your loved ones who will have to deal with the whole ordeal is to hire skilled, experienced, and professional solicitors to take you step by step through the entire process.


By getting an expert, you will have peace of mind knowing that the solicitors will ensure that your Will is valid and legal.


Writing a Will can also make it much easier for your loved ones to cope and come to terms with your passing and that you are no longer with them.


  1. Arrange a Funeral Plan

There are many different funeral options available. Write down how you would like the day to play out, the music that should be playing, flower arrangements, casket type, and who and what speeches may be given.


You can even write down how your remains should be handled. For example, would you prefer to be buried or cremated? Where would you want to be buried, or what would you like to happen to your ashes? It is scary to put these thoughts and words down on paper, but it is needed. You have to plan for the future and also to make it easier for the people left behind.

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  1. Organ Donation

Spare a minute and think about the possibility of donating your organs, perhaps. There are so many people in the world that are in desperate need of organs to survive. By donating your organs, you can make a difference. You can save lives! But, it is your choice.


  1. Manage your Social Media

Your social media accounts certainly won’t know about the day you pass on, so your accounts will stay active, which can cause potential problems in the future or even heartache.


Therefore, manage and make arrangements for your social media accounts to be either terminated or managed by someone you trust. Write down all of your account usernames and passwords, and write down what you would like to happen with them.


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