Some Benefits of Becoming Fully Invested in a Hobby

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Do you have any hobbies that you are fully invested in? The kinds of things that you get excited just thinking about, and could spend hours on a time if you didn’t have to eventually get up and do something else?


For many people, these kinds of hobbies don’t really factor into everyday life very much at all – but for some, they make up a highly motivating, positive, and uplifting element of life itself.


These days, there are more casual entertainment options available than ever before, but There are also more resources available than ever before when it comes to discovering and exploring new hobbies.


Here are just a few of the benefits of becoming fully invested in a hobby, whatever that particular hobby may be for you.


It can keep you sharp by giving you a whole new world of things to become interested in


In the incredible book, “The Brain That Changes Itself,” the psychologist Norman Doidge describes all sorts of remarkable accounts of the brain’s resilience in adapting, re-shaping itself, and recovering after various traumatic events – in a way that was recently not thought to be possible at all.


One of the things that the author looks at in this book is the fact that having hobbies to be properly invested in – and then picking up new hobbies once every couple of years or so – appears to be remarkably effective at helping people to stay mentally sharp as they age.


Something about consistently discovering new things to become Interested in, and then engaging with them wholeheartedly, can be extremely powerful.


So, pick up some hobbies, whether that means getting into gardening and researching the difference between copperhead mulching blades vs gator blades, or whether it means taking up painting, and you may find that you end up thinking faster as a result.


It can help you to regain a sense of wonder and appreciation in everyday life


The world at large is an enormous, remarkable, and deeply beautiful place in all sorts of different ways – but over the course of everyday life, there’s always a risk that we will end up taking things for granted and becoming jaded.


Getting wholeheartedly invested in different hobbies can help you to rediscover and renew that sense of wonder and meaning that reminds us of how beautiful and powerful life can really be.


It can teach you useful lessons


Getting invested in different hobbies can be very informative in a range of different ways, and can teach you all sorts of things about a variety of subjects that you might never have guessed at before.


Not only can you learn certain technical skills from different hobbies, but you can also pick up some pretty fascinating underlying life lessons and perspectives, by looking at a variety of different things from a variety of different angles, over time.


In the book “Range,” the author David Epstein convincingly argues that the more different insights we can accumulate from assorted skills, jobs, and hobbies, the more insightful and effective you will tend to be in life as a whole.

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