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We spend so much time focusing on cleaning the inside of our house, decluttering and doing deep cleans we often forget about the outside of our homes. although we only briefly see if as we walk in the house it is what everyone else sees and how we show ourselves to the world. 


There are lots of different things that you can do to help your home look just as good on the outside as it does on the inside. The first thing to do is to check your front door are there any paint chips or have dirt marks that need cleaning if so make sure to give it a good wipe down and if needed paint another coat over it to give it a fresh and brand new lock. Then you want to move onto the windows a lot of people have window cleaners but not always it’s important to make sure that you clean the inside of the windows as well as the outside so it’s clean on both sides. If you do struggle with us getting a window cleaner is a great option as they can come regularly and keep on top of it for you. and by the front door ,you will want to make it look inviting and homely. You can do this by having a welcome mat, some potted plants, and even some outside Decor like ornaments or the classic gnomes. you could even change these each season so it suits what’s the weather, the aesthetic and can give your neighbor something to look forward to when you change it all around.


There are other parts of your home on the outside which need maintenance which you may not even realize things like your gutters for example they can become full of leaves gunk and all sorts of birds can sit in the rain can make leaves turn to mulch and block them. It can be quite a dangerous job as it’s high up and also can be quite time consuming so you can look to get help from professionals like Gutter Boy Cleaning


Moving onto the lawn area if you don’t quite have a green form you can look to get plants which don’t need a lot if at all any tending to there are plants that you can just pop in the ground and they will just maintain themselves and do their own thing the rain will water them and keep them fresh and they will be resilient against weather conditions and any other issues that may arise. Having easy to care for plants isn’t something you need to constantly keep on top of and can look good all year round with minimal effort. If you don’t have a lawn and you have more of a slab area in your front garden you can look just add some potted plants about which will add an element of green and color to your house from the outside. You can get a different color pants which will inject some life into the view of your home from the outside.

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