How to Become More Active and be a Great Role Model

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When you become a parent and your kids grow a little older, you may find yourself putting your own habits and lifestyle under the spotlight. When you spend your days telling your kids what to do and not to do, many parents soon discover they don’t practice what they preach. Sometimes, realising that you are telling your kids off for the very things you do yourself can be a sharp wake up call. How often have you said to your kids to stop looking at their phones when you are doing the exact same thing. Or maybe you tell the kids to go get some fresh air and exercise when you are sat inside? Being a parent often teaches us plenty about ourselves, especially when trying to be a positive role model. But, the best way to help kids grow into the type of adult you want them to become is by showing them how to live rather than just telling them. So, if you want your kids to be healthy and active adults, you may just need to get out there and show them how it’s done! Take a look at these ideas to help you become more active and be a positive role model to your kids:


Try Something New


Trying new things is often scary and always a massive challenge to face. As adults, there are fewer opportunities to try something new, but doing so will help your kids to see that new challenges can be a positive experience. 


Signing up for a sports club or joining a team is an excellent way to model positive behaviour and encourage kids to learn new skills throughout life. Maybe you could form a rugby team with other mums and look for an online Rugby kit designer to get your plans off to a great start. Demonstrating a can-do attitude is likely to rub off on your kids and make them see that if their mum can start their own sports team, anything and everything is possible to achieve.


Get the Entire Family Active


Being active on the weekends with your family is a great way to get everyone involved. Switching your usual downtime activities for family swimming sessions, bike rides, or football games at the park will ensure the whole family views being active in a positive way. 


Workout with the Kids


When your kids are really young, finding people to look after them while you visit the gym for a workout can be tricky. But, this doesn’t need to stop your plans to get more active. Instead, you may want to try putting your baby in a running buggy and bringing them along for the ride while you pound the pavements. Or, you may find that some exercise classes in your area offer mum and baby fitness sessions so that you can bring your little one along. No matter your situation, there should still be a way to overcome any obstacles you feel are preventing you becoming active.


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