Celebrating Our Common Femininity

Celebrating Our Common Femininity

It’s a strange dichotomy of our modern lives that while we celebrate the vast improvements to the general well-being and pursuits to greater egalitarianism that women the world over are now enjoying, we still seem to have a hidden shame when it comes to discussing our intimate femininity. 


Topics like menstruation, vaginal healthcare and the products that enable those functions, well, that’s when the silence and blushed cheeks take over again.



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“Never did the world make a queen of a girl who hides in houses and dreams without travelling.”-― Roman Payne, The Wanderess


That is a line from the book by Roman Payne, The Wandress. It tells the tale of a passion and romance set in the Mediterranean. The main character “Saul” is somewhat of a notorious adventurer, and his love for Saskia, a beautiful young orphan girl he meets and vows to protect his child. They end up wandering through France, Spain, Italy and beyond, and they develop a relationship that becomes the very definition of unbridled sexuality and sensuality. We’re not going to give the plot away, but it’s a good read and sets the tone for this post.


Women have an innate and inherent intelligence that is expressed through a complexity of ways and goes some way to explaining why our emotional intelligence is generally higher than the average man. Still, a man’s pragmatism is generally of a higher level than the average woman.

But it’s also this “mystique” about femininity that has created the shackles that women have been trying to free themselves from for decades now. This notion that our sexuality and sensuality are so fragile and potentially offensive to men that they remain topics that you should never speak about in “polite society”.




A big reason why so many young girls are kept out of formal education and employment in the developing world is partly that many of our “British sensibilities” were exported to our former colonies. Now, young girls in East Africa from lower-income or low-income families could lose up to 49 learning days a year because they can’t attend school during their menstrual cycles, as they can’t afford sanitary pads or tampons. But, thankfully, attitudes are starting to change, and you can also help make a difference by supporting charities that provide clean towels to girls in the developing world.


Talking points matter and not everyone had access to a mother or a sister who could advise on sensitive or personal topics. Questions like Can you sleep with a tampon in? Or, how do you keep your vagina clean? 


Celebrating our femininity means that we get to exercise our sexuality and sensuality in ways that work for us and are determined by us. We get to set the agenda and how the topics that matter to us are spoken about.


Just like motherhood unites us in special and unique ways, so too does the rest of the feminine condition and for us, it feels like our time has finally come.


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