6 Secrets To Stop Your Child Getting Sick This Winter

6 Secrets To Stop Your Child Getting Sick This Winter

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As winter is upon us, it means that winter is just around the corner too. There can often be a lot of bugs going around at this time of year, and the last thing you want is for your child to get ill. To make sure your child does not get sick this winter, read on to discover some of the tips and tricks you can follow…


Keep your children active – When children are active, they have stronger muscles and bones, and this means that they are less likely to develop type 3 diabetes, have lower blood pressure and be overweight. There are also a number of different studies that have been carried out that show children who exercise regularly get sick less often. Of course, this does not mean you should simply take your child out for a run. They won’t enjoy this! You need to make exercise fun. Self defense classes for kids, for example, can be both fun and beneficial.


Take your child for their flu jab – Another effective measure you can follow to make sure that your child does not get ill during the months ahead is to take them for their flu jab. Local pharmacies can help with flu vaccines, so it is a good idea to head to your local medical centre or pharmacy to organise this.


Wash sheets and bedding regularly – In addition to the points that have been mentioned above, another way you can avoid your child getting sick this winter is to wash their bedding and sheets on a regular basis. Yes, this can be tedious, but it is vital to do this once per week so that your child is germ-free and healthy. 


Make sure your child gets enough sleep – For some parents, this can be much harder to achieve than others. However, there are so many benefits associated with sleep, and so it is vital that your child gets enough hours of shut-eye every evening. 


Teach your child that caring is not always sharing – Yes, we are told to share our toys. Yes, we do not want our children to turn into selfish monsters! However, if you want your child to avoid getting ill, you should make sure that they do not share their food or water bottles. Sharing any drink can cause a problem because, even with the tiniest of sips, saliva gets into the drink, and this is how germs are spread. After all, bacterias and viruses live in the saliva, making it one of the most common ways that people get acute viral infections. 


Cut back on dairy – Last but not least, cutting back on dairy is a good idea too, especially if you notice your child has a deep, congested cough or a running nose. Dairy products, for example, cheese and milk, make the mucus thicker, which can make the post-nasal drip and cough a lot worse. Once your child is feeling better, you can reintroduce dairy into their diet. 


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